Diploma Units of Sherwin Baniqued

Promote high quality case management (2016)
Assess and respond to individuals at risk of suicide (2016)
Support client self-management (2016)
Reflect on and improve own professional practice (2016)
Develop, Facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management (2015)
Use target communication skills to build relationships (2015)
Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework (2015)
Assess and provide services for clients with complex needs (2015)
Work intensively with clients (2015)
Confirm client developmental status (2015)
Analyse client information for service planning and delivery (2015)
Work with people with mental health issues (2015)
Facilitate links with other services (2015)
Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers (2015)
Work effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander People (2015)
Contribute to WHS Processes (2015)

Vocational Courses of Sherwin Baniqued

Provide First Aid (2016)
Farm Connect (2014)
Your Application Package (2014)
Working Effectively in a Modern Workplace (2014)
Customer Service Workshop (2014)
Practical Computer Skills (2014)
Provide Basic Emergency Life Support (2013)
Apply First Aid (2013)
Perform CPR (2013)
Health and Safety Representatives (2012)
Manual Handling Training (2011)
Health Services Assistance (2011)

University Units of Sherwin Baniqued

Sediments, Basins, and Resources (2008)
Climates in Geological Time (2008)
Environmental Biology (2008)
The Dynamic Earth: Building of Continents and the Environment (2007)
The Practice and Application of Science (2007)
The Dynamic Earth: Global Processes (2007)
Psychology (2007)
Planet Earth: Dynamic Systems, Environmental Change, and Resources (2006)
Australian Physical Environments: Evolution, Status, and Management (2006)
Planet Earth and Its Environment: The Cosmic Connection (2006)
Statistical Methods for Science (2006)
Food Chemistry (2006)
Biology (2006)
Understanding Asia: Japanese Culture and Society (2002)
Mathematics and Statistical Methods (2002)
Biology for Food Scientists (2002)
Nutrition Principles (2002)
Chemistry (2002)
Physics (2002)

High School Subjects of Sherwin Baniqued

Mathematical Methods (2001)
Specialist Mathematics (2001)
Chemistry (2001)
Physics (2001)
English (2001)
Music Performance – Solo (2000)
Practice of Music – Fifth Grade Clarinet (1997)

Primary School Activities of Sherwin Baniqued

Bike Ed (1994)